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Traveling with a dog from JFK > MAD > JFK

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  • Traveling with a dog from JFK > MAD > JFK

    I am planning a trip from SFO > JFK > MAD > JFK > MAD in June.

    My 15 year old 15lb Norjack travels with me regularly SFO > JFK > SFO - in-cabin, no problem. On this international trip we're breaking the journey spending a week in NYC on each leg.

    She's microchipped, had her rabies shot less than 1 year ago and has a valid pet travel certificate (and can easily update this before I travel out of the US and before I travel out of Spain).

    Delta will charge $200 each way for the dog and seem to be happy with the dog in cabin on all flights.

    What I cannot find information on is the following:

    1. What is the process when I arrive in Spain with a dog in carry-on baggage?
    2. What is the process when I arrive at JFK with a dog in carry-on baggage?


    AENA booklet on traveling with pets:

    Anglo Info Moving Pets to Spain:

    USDA Pet Import and Export Guidelines:

    APHIS Veterinary Services in New York:

    Delta Airlines Pet Travel Guidelines:

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    Re: Traveling with a dog from JFK > MAD > JFK

    You must have a very small dog for Delta to agree to carry it in cabin on an International flight. I would verify with Delta giving them the height of your pet and the combined weight of the pet and the pet carrier.

    To enter Spain in addition to what you have you will need the new Annex II veterinary certificate for Spain completed by a veterinarian in the US 10 days or less before the travel date.

    Assuming you are not out of the US more than 30 days and assuming you do not visit any other country than Spain you should be able to use the same documents for your return.

    When you arrive at immigration in both Spain and the US the process is similar in that they will ask for the pets papers. In the case of Spain they may also scan the pet to verify the 15 digit non-encrypted microchip number.



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      Re: Traveling with a dog from JFK > MAD > JFK

      Thanks Jerry - I will double check with the airline, the telephone booking agent did not seem to make a distinction between the domestic and international legs - the dog is probably as big as they would allow under the seat - she happily flies the 6 hour JFK - SFO with me.

      I will hunt down the Annex II forms too.

      When we traveled into the UK and back to SFO a few years ago, she was held for inspection for a few hours on both sides, but she traveled in a crate as checked baggage. I wasn't sure how this translated into carry-on and just going through standard immigration. As long as it's just asking for papers all should be well. If you know of any resources that describe this process, that would be helpful.


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        Re: Traveling with a dog from JFK > MAD > JFK

        Have found the Annex II form:


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          Re: Traveling with a dog from JFK > MAD > JFK

          I have traveled from the US to Madrid several times with my dog (in cargo as she is a large dog). the Spanish customs agents are quite relaxed about the pets. I have never once had to show all the paperwork required to bring my dog to Spain!