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pet weight for in-cabin flight

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  • pet weight for in-cabin flight

    I've booked a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Chicago for the end of May. My two dogs are confirmed in the cargo hold and my cat is confirmed for in-cabin. They have an in-cabin weight limit of 6 kg for the cat+carrier. I've just come from the vet, and my cat weighs 6.3 kg! She's put on a lot of weight, but I really hadn't realized she was so heavy.

    Does anyone know how strict they are with the weight?

    She will be in a soft-sided carrier that will meet their limit of total size of 115 cm (WxHxL).

    I'm starting her on a diet today! Not sure if we will make the target in 6 weeks!


    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: pet weight for in-cabin flight

    Your check-in procedure depends on the representative at the counter at the time, and we do understand that weight is important on international flights. How much does your carrier weigh?


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      Re: pet weight for in-cabin flight

      Thank you for your reply. I haven't bought the carrier yet, but it will probably be about 1.3 kg. So she would have to weigh less than 5 kg

      There is a hand-baggage limit of 12 kg. I wonder if they would let me do a trade-off? I have to pay 200 EUR for my cat anyway, she is not counted as hand-baggage, but as special cargo. They told me that I can still have another piece of carry-on hand-luggage. I've never seen them weighing people's hand luggage either.