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Travelling from New Zealand to Russia (maybe through Thailand)

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  • Travelling from New Zealand to Russia (maybe through Thailand)

    We need an advice, maybe someone can help us. We encounter a problem with transporting our cat to Russia. Agents want us to put our cat in cargo. However when we read information about Moscow airport it clearly states it will be impossible for us to make a custom clearance by ourselves. The only company that let us board a cat in a cabin is Thai and they flying through Bangkok. The biggest concern about them is that there is a long stay in Bangkok around 13 hours and the whole flight will take approximately 36 or 38 hours (not including extra flight inside of the Russia). Can someone suggest what we should do and is it normal for a cat to be trasnported for so long. We really worry about it and want to minimize the hassles for him and for us.

    Also maybe someone knows, maybe we can get off the plane in Bangkok and change to a Russian airlines and go straight to Novosibirsk (our final destination). If ppl here have encounter boarding a plane to Russia from either Thailand passing their immigration agents and what types of papers should we have?

    Any advice is welcomed. Cheers

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    Re: Travelling from New Zealand to Russia (maybe through Thailand)

    It is up to the airline whether or not they will allow the pet to travel in the cabin of the aircraft. Russia does not care. If it is traveling as checked baggage (cargo) you will pick it up at baggage claim with your luggage and then go through immigration with it. There are only a couple of airports in Russia who are set up to process incoming pet animals.

    The problem is the long layover in Thailand. Since you are traveling from a rabies free country you will have no problem entering Thailand with your cat but you must obtain an import permit. Because of the long layover you need to take possession of the cat in Thailand and care for it until the next flight. The airline will not provide that care.

    If you need additional information you can find the complete pet passport forms and instructions for both Thailand and Russia here: