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?Boxer puppy from Miami to Argentina

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  • ?Boxer puppy from Miami to Argentina


    I suddenly have the need to bring my 75 lb boxer puppy with me from Miami to Beunos Aires Argentina in May 2012. I've started researching how to do this and now I really need some good advice.

    ?is it safe to transport a boxer in the warm Miami weather in May?
    ?SENASA has been mentioned, is this in the USA or Argentina
    ?I understand that I need to bring a vets certificate to the Argentinian Embassy in Miami within 10 days of my trip. Is this correct?
    ?does anyone have experience with LAN Airlines transporting pets

    ?Any comments or suggestions will be much appreciated

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: ?Boxer puppy from Miami to Argentina

    Becuase your pet will be traveling as checked baggage you may run into temperature restrictions by the airline due to high runway temperatures. The airline will advise you. Senasa is the agency in Argentina that controls animal imports. You will need a veterinary certificte and your pet must be up to date on all its vaccinations. Legalization by the Embassy is not required. The veterinary certificate should be translated into Spanish. The airline must notify they station in Argentina 24 hours in advance of arrival so that a veterinarian can be hand to inspect the pet. Otherwise you can expect long delays a the entry point. You can find the complete instructions and all the necessary forms for taking your pet into Argentina here:


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      Re: ?Boxer puppy from Miami to Argentina

      Thanks Jerry