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From USA to New Zealand - HELP!

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  • From USA to New Zealand - HELP!

    How much does it cost to ship a pet from the United States to New Zealand? Can anyone who has ever shipped a pet to New Zealand please post how much they paid here?

    I am looking for any ballpark figure for my budget for shipping my housecat. I am having trouble getting quotes because I am planning 18 months in advance. All I really need to know is the number of digits. Is it going to cost hundreds? thousands? tens of thousands?

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    Re: From USA to New Zealand - HELP!

    The cost of shipping is dependent on the size of the pet animal and the combined weight of the pet and it's IATA compliant pet crate. In most cases you are looking at less than a 1000 dollars. I assume you are aware of the preparations that must be made well in advance and the requirement for quarantine on arrival in New Zealand. You may want to purchase the pet passport for New Zealand that is available in this online store.