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  • from Burundi to Canada

    I'm travelling in January with my dog. She was born in Canada, has been microchipped and all vaccinations are up to date. We have been in Africa 3 years. Does she need a blood titre for Rabies to return to Canada? If she is transiting Brussels with only a few hours between planes, does she need to comply with all EU regulations? If so, what are they? Can she fly into Montreal, Canada in the hold - she weighs 85 lbs. - if Montreal is less than 8 degrees? Do we have to worry about Brussels weather and the cold?

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    Re: from Burundi to Canada

    Canada does not require a blood titer test. As to transiting Brussels it depends on what you are actually doing. If the pet is traveling as checked baggage and does not change airlines and the airline takes it from one plane to the next then there are no requirements for Belgium. If you are planning on taking the pet for a walk. staying over or if the pet is changing airlines then you must comply with their rules which does include a blood titer test. You will need the health certificate for Canada. The airline rules for temperature are not al the same and you should call the reservations office of the airline to discuss this. You will need to call them anyway to make a booking as it cannot be done online. The use of an acclimation certificate may solve the problem. You can find the pet passport rules and forms for Canada, Belgium as well as the airline rules and acclimation certificate here: