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California to Japan- Cali being the hard part?

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  • California to Japan- Cali being the hard part?

    My husband and I have recently moved to Japan for military business. When we left, we had to leave our cat in the care of friends, who have since then been working with us to try and get her sent over to us. I have been in and out of all the hoops, rules and regulations, but when we had prepared everything for the final step, (getting her usda approved health certificate) the vet clinic started telling us that our FAVN test was out of date, and California has some new law making it more difficult for her to leave the country, but couldn't manage to be any more specific... I think they were full of crap.

    All we've ever been informed on was what we needed to get INTO Japan, and we've taken care of it. Now we're being told we can't get her OUT of California. According to all the paperwork, all the rules I've read anywhere on the internet, that health certificate was the last thing I needed. We even had the official approval from the Japanese airport, stating she could enter the country.

    So if we find a usda certified vet, that knows what on earth they're doing, is that still the last thing I needed? Nobody can give me any info on this mysterious new regulation that's holding her back. I can't see how the Favn could possibly be the problem, considering if I were to be heading to Europe instead, I'd have to wait another month for the thing to be 6 months old. If they were to adopt such a rule, then in a couple of weeks, I'm still good to go, but that makes it stupid that the vets wanted to take a NEW test then.

    It's hard to search for a new vet for our friends to take her to, when we're on the other side of the world, but I think the search may be on. We're also wondering about her possibly leaving from an Oregon or Nevada international airport, if California really is the holdup.