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Requirements for France for dog from us

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  • Requirements for France for dog from us

    I have a 10 pound mini dachshund that I am planning to take to France for a month. Several questions: 1 she has a microchip but I do not know what kind. How can I find out if her microchip is acceptable? 2 her rabies vaccination is due in march, we will be traveling end of April. Will vaccinating her 2 months in advance meet the rules? 3 there is a requirement that the dog be certified by a vet 21 days before travel and that the USDA must stamp the certification. How long does this take? I am concerned that I won't have the stamp on time. 4 I have a soft-sided carrier that meets US travel restrictions but read on air France that carrier must be hard sided. Is this true? also that the pet plus the carrier must weigh less than 12 pounds. If the carrier weighs more than 2 pounds, we will be over the limit. Is this enforced? What are my options--I was planning to take her in the cabin with me.

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    Re: Requirements for France for dog from us

    Your veterinarian should be able to read the micro chip to determine if it is the 15 digit ISO chip or not. If it is not you should re-chip the pet with the proper microchip or carry your own scanner.

    Air France does not normally accept pets in the cabin on its transatlantic flights. If they have agreed to do so then the pet must be in the soft sided carrier to squish down to get under the seat. I suspect they were referring to the pet traveling as checked baggage in which case it must have an IATA compliant hard sided carrier.

    The rabies vaccination must be done at least 21 days before travel but you can enter at any time until the vaccine expires. Your accredited veterinarian will complete the EU form 998 for France about 3 weeks before travel and it must then be certified by the USDA area office. That certifiation only takes a few days.

    If you need the pet passport for France or a hard sided carrier or the ISO microchip visit


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      Re: Requirements for France for dog from us

      Thanks Jerry. That is the clearest explanation I have read.