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Relocating From Indiana, USA to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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  • Relocating From Indiana, USA to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Me and my wife will be moving to Malaysia in about a month's time, and we'd like to bring our very cute puppy, Rufus, with us.

    We're deeply concerned about the process though. Googling has only served to confuse us, with conflicting information.

    We're primarily concerned about Rufus' well-being during and after the trip. The following are our concerns:

    -We're worried that the baggage compartment may be freezing cold at 30,000ft+. He is a small Yorkipoo puppy, at 9lbs, 1 year of age. I can see how a big dog like a Mastiff can fend off the cold, but I'm not really sure about Rufus.

    -We're worried about his psychological health. Being stuck in a box for 20+ hours may do untold damage to his mind. He is already deeply uncomfortable with his open-air crate at home. I cannot imagine the terror he will feel with an IATA crate.

    -The quarantine is 7 days, and is located about 1.5hrs away from where we will be living. Not to mention the infamous Kuala Lumpur traffic. We are really concerned that Rufus will be deprived of attention, and may die from lack of food and water. Malaysian standards of care is low at best.

    -We'd like to travel with him as "carry on" luggage. Any possibility of this for international travel?

    If anyone can address these concerns of ours, we will be deeply grateful. We always have the rather painful decision to leave him with my mother-in-law, but we'd rather not.

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    Re: Relocating From Indiana, USA to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    I faced the same concerns when I almost moved to Singapore with two dogs. In the end, I turned down the job because my dogs were elderly and I wasn't sure they'd adjust to the climate.

    What ended up happened with you and your lovely dog?