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bahamas to cayman to barbados

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  • bahamas to cayman to barbados

    I'm currently live in the Bahamas and have a 3 month old puppy. I found out we're being moved to Cayman in a few months for a year and then probably to Barbados after the year. I am looking online and I see that Cayman isn't mentioned as a country they can be imported directly from, but on other websites it says I can from Cayman to Barbados directly. I'm just trying to plan out the year and get a head start on things.
    1. can a dog from cayman be directly imported into barbados?
    2. how long does the dog have to be in cayman before it can be imported to barbados?
    3. do you have a rule against the type of dog that can enter barbados?

    I'm already aware how do get the dog from bahamas to cayman, i just wasn't sure about the whole quarantine thing for barbados from cayman. Thanks for any help!

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    Re: bahamas to cayman to barbados

    You mention that you understand the rules for taking your pet into the Cayman Islands which include the need for an import permit and a blood titer test six months in advance of arrival in the Cayman Islands.

    Pets cannot enter Barbados from the Cayman Islands as it not one of a half dozen approved countries.


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      Re: bahamas to cayman to barbados

      this is going to suck giving our new puppy back to the humane get so attached so quick. Thanks for responding.