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  • So Confused Please Help

    I am planning on traveling from Kabul Afghanistan with one cat and three kittens. My first flight KAM AIR takes us to UAE (Dubai) leaving the same day to Frankfurt Germany on Emirate Airlines. We will be staying over night in Germany and leaving the next day on United Airlines to Washington Dulles International Airport in the US. Will I need different paperwork while traveling through different countries or just the required paperwork for entering the US.

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    Re: So Confused Please Help

    If the airline you are flying into Dubai and out of to Germany is the same airline they will transfer your pets and they will not have officially entered the country. You will need to comply with the regulations for Germany which includes having the cats micro chipped with the ISO 15 digit microchip, vaccinated for rabies and having the form EU 998 health certificate. Since you are coming from a country with a high incidence of rabies the cats must have a blood titer test three months before entering Germany or they will go into quarantine on arrival.