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Help - get my dog to Spain from Australia

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  • Help - get my dog to Spain from Australia

    Jetpets want $10,000 from me to fly my drug to Spain. I am working there for one year next year. I’ve tried all airlines I can think of and there is no way to get my dog to Spain aside from using this business- I heard the owner is making a mottza! Any ideas on getting my 11 kg Frug from Brisbane to Madrid. Perhaps I could fly him there on a drone- drone pets! The affordable option.
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    Re: Help - get my dog to Spain from Australia

    Zimbomb - know that pet transport agents (for the most part) will book pets as air cargo, and this estimate may include some sort of pre-travel vet visits, form endorsement and equipment provision. Flying a pet as unaccompanied air cargo is more expensive than flying with a pet as checked baggage. It might make sense to either return to Australlia and accompany Frug out of Australia or have a friend accompany your pup. Find an airline that flies the entire route most directly, contact them and ask whether you can book Frug with an adult passenger as checked baggage.

    If this is not possible, and Frug needs to fly as air cargo, then likely an agent will be required.

    It is not difficult to import a dog or cat to Spain from Australia. You can find current requirements here and there are links to instructions and forms if you need them:


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      Re: Help - get my dog to Spain from Australia

      Transporting a pet by Jetpets is very expensive but they can provide you with relatively professional service. However, I would like to travel with my dog in the cabin or cargo, depending on the airlines. Most airlines are not restricted to transport assistance support animals in the cabin, but commonly they only allow service dogs and ESAs (dogs and cats). Note that some animal breeds (short-nosed dogs and cats) are not permitted to be transported in the cargo for their safety and health.

      In terms of entering Spain from America, there is a part of the requirements:

      Accompanied pets entering Spain by air from non-EU countries must do so at Border Inspection Posts at international airports in Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Tenerife Sur or Valencia.

      Pets should enter Spain directly or transit through another EU Member State. If your pet transits through a high-rabies country, then a Transit Declaration will be required stating that your pet has had no contact with rabies-carrying animals and remained secured within the airplane or airport.

      All domestic dogs and cats must be free of evidence of disease communicable to humans when examined at the port of entry to Spain. If your dog or cat is not in apparent good health, further examination by a licensed veterinarian may be required at your expense.

      A licensed veterinarian in the originating country must complete thecommercial EU health certificate within 48 hours of travel. If your pet is traveling from the United States, the veterinarian must be accredited by the USDA for endorsement by the State USDA unless the certificate is completed by a military Veterinary Corps Officer or GS-0701 series civilian government veterinarian employed by the military.

      Read more details about rabies, health certificate, and banned breeds in:
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