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Service dog on European cruise

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  • Service dog on European cruise

    We will be traveling on a 46 day Cruise beginning in August of 2020 and will have a service hearing dog with us. The cruise originates in Amsterdam & visits various European ports in France, Portugal, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Greece & Malta. She has been pre-approved for travel aboard the cruise ship, however, we wish for her to be able to disembark with us at the various ports of call. She will have the necessary paperwork to travel from the US into Amsterdam by a certified veteranian and the Department of State. We also plan to have her European passport updated by a certified veteranian once we arrive in Amsterdam. She has a microchip implanted and will of course have current rabies vaccination. Is there anything else we will need to have that will allow her to disembark at the various ports during the cruise?

    Thanks you so much for your assistance. Janice

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    Re: Service dog on European cruise

    Hi Janice - your dog wiill be fine to enter every country you listed with the exception of Malta. Your dog will need a tapeworm treatment administered by a licensed veterinarian between one and five days of entering Malta. You need to arrange to have this done in the country you visit just before landing in Malta.