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English Bulldog to Thailand from US

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  • English Bulldog to Thailand from US

    Iíve done a lot of research and I understand this is very difficult, but aside from chartering a private jet, how can I move my 75 pound English Bulldog with me to Bangkok?

    He canít fly cargo as heís a snub nose breed. Too big to travel in the cabin (iíd even be willing to buy an extra seat for the extra room). The only ship Iíve found is the Queen Mary II and that only gets me to the UK.

    Thoughts? It would be a permanent move so it can be pricey (just not private jet privey). If he canít come I donít go, so Iím motivated to find any way possible.

    How would you do it

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    Re: English Bulldog to Thailand from US

    Jaxthebull - we do not know what city/country you are flying from; however, Korean Air does fly this breed. That said, flying your Bullie this time of year is not advised due to high temperatures. If the temperatures exceed 80 degrees F (29 degrees C), the airlines will not fly them in the cargo hold. This is for their safety. Best to wait until temperatures fall in the Fall.