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Brazil Custom's Fees for Dogs???

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  • Brazil Custom's Fees for Dogs???

    I'm moving to brazil with my little buddy.
    He's a Bichon.

    I'll be arriving by airplane into Sao Paulo (GRU - Guarulhos International Airport ).

    I'm planning to travel in cabin with my dog to Brazil via Continental Airlines. They are the only airline who will permit me to travel in cabin with my little buddy.

    Can someone please provide me with factual accurate info about whether or not I will have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire some sort of customs related fees and/or hire something called a forwarding agent to process a bunch of paperwork upon my arrival in order to get my dog released to me once I arrived at GRU airport in Sao Paulo???

    The brazilian consulate of New York says on their website that only a rabies certification and international health certificate is needed for dogs to enter Brazil. However, I have read on another forum a couple stating that they had to pay in excess of $1,000.00 in various kinds of official custom related processing fees to get their dog released to them once arriving in brazil.

    Is this true?????? Please if you have any conclusive personal accurate facts your can share with me on this matter I would very much appreciate hearing from you.


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    Re: Brazil Custom's Fees for Dogs???

    All animals that fly with Continental International flights especially to locations in South America regardless if they fly with you in cabin are to be considered as if they fly in Cargo flight.

    In Brazil you will need to pay all the fees that are relevant to entry into the country as if your pet fly in cargo. The same rules apply i.e Argentina.

    The airline add the following statements which are also relevant for your questions 1. "Customer is responsible to determine and comply with all state entry requirements which may apply."

    2. "For travel outside the U.S. with an in-cabin pet, contact Reservations (800.525.0280 in the U.S.) for assistance and information about international in-cabin pet acceptance and service charges."

    You can save yourself paying a broker / agent fees in Brazil as you can do-it-yourself at the Brazilian custom, but be prepare to spend 2-3 hrs or more running around and deal with system which is not very "friendly".

    You can prepare yourself to pay in Brazil few hundreds if you do the process in custom by yourself.

    I hope this clear somewhat of your confutation

    Jim Anderson
    IPATA Member