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Flying a dog from Australia to Amsterdam

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  • Flying a dog from Australia to Amsterdam

    Hello guys,

    Iím planning to fly my dog back to my homeland, the Netherlands. Iíve been looking at some organisations, but they are or flying from Sydney or from Melbourne, and Iím planning to fly from Perth. So now Iím figuring out how to do it all on my own. Is it doable? Or is it a ****load of documents and other stuff?

    She got her rabies injection and microchip, I know I need to get a crate, but what else do I need for inside the crate?

    Also, I read on the Etihad website that they donít transport all dogs. This is the list:

    Etihad Airways will not transport the following breeds: American Staffordshire terrier, Dutch Pug, Lhasa Apso, Boston Terrier, English Bulldog, Pekingese, Boxer, English Toy Spaniel, Shar-peis, Brussels Griffin, French Bulldog, Shih Tzu, Bulldog, Japanese Chin, Bull Terrier, Japanese Pug, Chow Chow, Japanese Spaniel (Japanese Chin)

    Does anybody know why they donít transport these dogs? What does it depend on? My dog is a American bulldog x Rottweiler mix. Will she be allowed?

    Also, what happens if you have a transfer and have to wait a couple hours? And where can you collect your dog at the airport of arrival?

    Thanks yíall !

    Greetings, Danielle

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    Re: Flying a dog from Australia to Amsterdam

    Hi Danielle - you may want to start with Singapore Airlines. Not sure they will transport your breed, tho. Contact their cargo department. Lufthansa will fly your pup but they have 2 layovers. Avoid Munich as Lufthansa does not transit dogs through Munich. Lufthansa also flies through SIN and FRA to AMS. That would be a better flight.

    Several reasons for dog bans. Snub nosed dogs like Boxers, etc. have breathing issues at ground level. Higher altitude and stress cause for more panting and dehydration. Also, handlers may not be equipped to handle large aggressive dogs. Your dog may not be aggressive, but falls into a category of dogs that typically can be aggressive.

    As long as you stay on the same airline in and out of the layover country and the layover is not over 3 hours, the airline will transit your dog through the country otherwise you will need to claim it and clear customs.


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      Re: Flying a dog from Australia to Amsterdam

      Hi Danielle,
      I am sorry that I find a similar result. The pet rules of Etihad Airline are: (
      1. In the Aircraft or cabin. Etihad Airways does not allow dogs, cats or other animals to travel in the cabin of the aircraft. But lots of US airlines allow service dogs and ESAs to fly with their owner/handler in cabin.
      2. If your pet is a service animal, Etihad Airways may transport your pet as air cargo in the cargo section of the aircraft serving Dubai to the US to Dubai route only according to its regulations. All other animals will travel as manifest cargo through ANA or NAS Airline Services. This section of the cargo department has the same temperature and pressure as the passenger cabin. However, they don't transport the flat-faced dogs (the dog breeds you wrote), because those dogs may have difficulty breathing in the cargo during the flight. Although the air cargo has provided enough pressure and temperature, it could be a huge risk for the flat-faced dogs who are locked in the crate (could lower the oxygen level) without the care of their owners.

      I am not sure whether your pooch has a flat nose, so you should find your vet to ensure that whether your dog is appropriate to fly in the cargo.
      If the vet confirms your dog would have certain risks in cargo, you're better to find another airline which allows you to take along with your service dog/ESA dog in the aircraft. Then you could require a service dog/ESA certificate. But service dogs are always sensitive, because they should be specially trained to assist people who have a disability. Emotional support dog should be beneficial to comfort your emotion. Make sure your dog is trained to keep calm in the tight cabin, which could be easy to recognize by other people. I googled about ESA training and recommend one of them to you: