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2 Cats from California to Tokyo: do I have to use a transport service???

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  • 2 Cats from California to Tokyo: do I have to use a transport service???

    I'm moving my daughter's cats to Tokyo next year and have the process of microchip and vaccines started. In looking at possible airlines (had thought about United) I saw that United requires booking through a transport agency. The website it directed me to was full of cautionary warnings about how complicated the process is: too complicated for the average person to figure out. I've shipped pets to Hawaii; from Canada to the US, and my vet has experience as well. I'm not frightened by the quarantine requirements before they go, or by the immigration requirements. What frightened me was the initial cost estimate of $8,000 which was largely made up of fees for services I don't even need....HELP!!!

    I'm willing to drive to Seattle or LAX to book a direct flight, I'm willing to pay for two high quality crates, health certificates and endorsements - and I am happy to pay for transportation from Haneda airport to her home in Saitama. I'm not willing to pay for an over priced company to "coordinate rabies vaccinations."

    Sorry for the rant- just super irritated that the airlines seem to complicate the process more than the Japanese Immigration Department. Suggestions on airlines?? Clarifying she is not military. I would love a recommendation for an airline that allows me to book my own flights OR a transport company that won't rip me off. Thank you for listening- and suggesting!

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    Re: 2 Cats from California to Tokyo: do I have to use a transport service???

    Gwenna - this is an airline requirement and not that of Japan. All US-based airlines will require that an agent book transport for international transport. Singapore Air flies the route from LAX to NRT non-stop and we are not aware that they require an agent. Best to contact their cargo department to inquire. You can find requirements to import your cats to Japan here and there are links to further instructions and forms if you need them: Our pet passport packages come with unlimited email support. We have IATA-compliant pet crates and everything else you will need in our store to transport your cats: No reason why, if your veterinarian is accustomed to completing foreign health certificates, etc. that you cannot transport them yourself.