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  • Chicago to Phnom Penh

    My wife and I are relocating to Phnom Penh from Chicago in the coming year and are in the midst of the very arduous process of finding out how to get our two 27 kg pitbulls from here to there.

    There are many breed and flight restrictions. We have even begun exploring taking the Queen Mary 2 to Germany (Bully breed are banned in the UK, which is animal bigotry) and proceed to take the unbelievable 11k+ kilometer land journey essentially across the entirety of the Earth.

    Needless to say, come hell or high water, we will arrive with our pitties, just any help anyone can give would be amazing.

    Doesn't matter how small, how seemingly stupid, or out-of-this-world, we are trying to do something which all signs point to as impossible. I'm not an impossible kinda guy, so we have to make this work.
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    Re: Chicago to Phnom Penh

    Gregorymatthew - the only airlines that we are aware of that fly your pet's breed internationally are Lufthansa, KLM (air cargo) and Qantas. Lufthansa flies into Bangkok and it will also get you across the Atlantic. Get your dogs to a US airport that Lufthansa serves, fly to FRA and take a non-stop flight to BKK. Get your dogs into Cambodia by ground from Thailand. How about that?

    By the way, QM 2 only allows pets into Southampton from what we know...