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Travelling to Canada on KLM with two doll faced Persian mix cats in Sherpa medium

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  • Travelling to Canada on KLM with two doll faced Persian mix cats in Sherpa medium


    I am planning to relocate from Kuwait to Toronto by the end of September with my two Persian mix cats. I will be travelling with my husband and I called ahead yesterday to reserve seats for us and the kitties. I was told by the agent that I would have to request special permission from KLM to bring two cats on board even though I would be travelling with my husband and there were no other animals being transported in the cabin on those flights. I was under the impression that most flights that allow animals in cabin usually allow at least two animals in cabin. In any case I told the agent to go ahead and make the requests which she did after taking information about my cats such as combined weight with carrier, carrier dimensions and breed information. Both my cats are Persian mixes with doll faces with one weighing in at 5 kg (3+1.6 for the carrier) and the other 6 kg (4+1.6 for the carrier). I bought the medium Sherpa deluxe carrier bags which measures in at 43L x 28W X 26H (in cms). The maximum allowed as specified by the airline was 46L X 28W X 24H (cms). I did not think 2 cm difference would matter but when I called back I was told the airline rejected my request since the carrier was too high. I then went ahead and panic bought two carriers in the smaller size and submitted my request again with the new dimensions. Even though both my cats are of a petite built I do not think they will be comfortable in the small size. My plan is to go to the airport with my cats in the medium and try to reason with the person at check in by explaining that Sherpa carriers are flexible and will have no problem fitting under the seat but to carry the small carriers with me in case I am unsuccessful at persuading the check in personnel. Has anyone had experience travelling with medium sized Sherpa on KLM? Do they actually measure the carrier at the airport?

    I hope somebody responds to this post as I am an anxious flier and flying with my cats is definitely setting of my anxiety so I would really appreciate if someone could respond to my queries.

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    Re: Travelling to Canada on KLM with two doll faced Persian mix cats in Sherpa medium

    The key is getting the carrier under the seat. The airlines should understand this when you check in. We don’t have personal experience with check in representatives in Kuwait, however, we have sold thousands of Sherpa carriers in our store ( and not one complaint that a pet owner could not bring their pet on the plane.