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  • Help! I have questions...

    I may be moving to Kazahkstan in August and I WILL be taking my baby with me, a 6 year old cat. I have already looked at the countries documents for him, but my questions are:

    1. will he be able to travel in the cabin with me?

    2. if I have a layover in England...will they let him off the plane?

    3. will I be able to let him out and walk around on a layover?

    Thanks all!

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    Re: Help! I have questions...

    England is difficult. Pets cannot enter England in the cabin of the aircraft but must enter as manifested cargo. They are then transferred to the next flight but it must be on the same airline.

    If you wish to pick up the cat in England then you must go through there procedure which includes a blood titer test six months in advance.

    If the pet travels as manifested cargo which it must if you are transfering in England then you will not be able to see the cat. You must also obtain a transit permit in advance of travel. This transit permit is available at and then click on Pet Passports.