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    We are only a few weeks away from leaving Los Angeles and going to Chiang Mai for a few months and will be taking our two small dogs via the cabin. When we booked the ticket we had the idea to fly direct to Chiang Mai from South Korea to limit the amount of stopovers for the dogs in what will already be a lengthy ordeal. Nowhere in our research did it say this was a problem, but my now Iím seeing hints here and there that pets are expected to transit through Bangkok before going anywhere else. Also heightening my fears is that it seems like pet inspection in Bangkok closes around 4pm and is not open to flights landing late. Iím landing in Chiang Mai at 10pm local time and can only imagine they would also not have facilities open late for pets. Iíve been told I donít have to worry because those inspections are in reference to dogs traveling as cargo and they need those facilities to be open airside but as carryon they can go through normal customs with us. Anyone have experience with this or know the real answer? It would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Direct to Chiang Mai

    Hoffmn - here is the contact information of the Animal Quarantine Station in Suwanapoom Airport in Bangkok. You may want to contact them about whether there is veterinary officers available in Chiang Mai for customs clearance.
    Tel. 02-1340731-2
    Tel. 02- 134063-6
    Fax: 021 340 637