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UPDATED Microchip readers at major European Airports

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  • UPDATED Microchip readers at major European Airports

    My dog has an AVID microchip, most common in the U.S. It has 9 digit. Internationally, an ISO chip is used. Previous information indicated that I would either need to bring my own chip reader or have an ISO chip implanted. I just received information from my vet that recently all major European airports have scanners that have been updated to read all chips, including those 9 digit Avid chips. She seemed very certain of this information, mentioning that the U.S. chip manufacturers paid for the upgrade.

    I am traveling to Frankfort, Germany. Certainly a major European Airport. Can anyone personally knowledgable verify this information? I am attempting to contact the airport now as well. Their website still indicates requiring an ISO (15 digit) chip.

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    Re: UPDATED Microchip readers at major European Airports

    I am sure that many European airlines have universal scanners. However since the 9 digit chip is not the approved chip for Europe it is possible you could experience a delay at immigration while they find the proper scanner. The scanners for 9 digit chips are not widely used in Europe. The EU rules are quite clear and state that the pet must be micro chipped with the ISO 15 digit microchip or the owner should carry their own scanner.


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      Re: UPDATED Microchip readers at major European Airports

      I received confirmation direct from the Frankfurt airport vet center that they have an universal/international scanner.

      It's true that it is still not the approved chip, so if I find myself traveling around Europe, I may find myself in a difficult situation after the initial clearance. Something I have to consider.

      It would be nice if the world could get on the same page with microchip's or that this information was presented when you are getting your pet chipped here in the U.S. I am faced with a situation others have also faced, having to decide if should have another chip placed in my dog along with another round of excessive vaccinations for the paperwork.