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Pet in cabin from UK to New Zealand?

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  • Pet in cabin from UK to New Zealand?

    Hello, I want to take my small adult dog (4kg) from the UK to New Zealand. Has anyone had any experience of this journey or know of any airlines that will accept the pet in the cabin the whole way? I have checked with UK Govt which allow pets travelling out of the country in the cabin (not travelling in) and the New Zealand Govt say they have no restrictions on pets arriving in the cabin as long as they have their documents and microchip in order. However on many airline websites it says that the NZ Govt like the Australian Govt stipulate that the pet must travel as manifested cargo. I just can't seem to get a clear answer - help!


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    Re: Pet in cabin from UK to New Zealand?

    It is our understanding that all pes arriving in New Zealand must arrive as manifested cargo. I think the airline you are flying will be your best source. If they will allow the pet in the cabin then it must be an approved method. However, there is another restriction in that most airlines will not allow pets in the cabin on flights of that length.