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Frequency of rabies shots, UK and France

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  • Frequency of rabies shots, UK and France

    Greetings. My Shih Tzu had her last two sets of annual shots in France, after travelling there from Malaysia in October 2015. She was given rabies shots both times by the French vet, despite the rabies shots in Malaysia lasting for 3 years. According to her Pet Passport, my dog is due another rabies shot now (actually about a week ago, which is slightly more than one year after the last one).

    I checked online and the rabies shot she was given is recognised as lasting for 3 years in the UK, with an annual 'top up' needed in countries where rabies is a problem. Strangely France is the same as the UK, and is in the controlled category, therefore requiring 3 year rabies shots.

    The vet in the UK also checked online and agreed with my research, but is a bit stuck because the Pet Passport states that another shot is required now. Clearly I don't want my dog to have more medication pumped into her little body than absolutely necessary. Plus we'd like to pop across from the UK to France over Easter and don't have 21 days to spare, waiting the required period for a new rabies shot to settle before the dog travels.

    Has anyone encountered this before and if the UK vet adjusts the Pet Passport to a 3 year span between rabies shots, will that be accepted at the border?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Frequency of rabies shots, UK and France

    Diane - France will require that your pup be vaccinated within the past 12 months to enter the country from the UK. Although EU legislation permits the 3 year vaccination, France uses the one year vaccine and we have heard of pet owners having to have their pets re-vaccinated at the border.

    It is concerning that you pup's last rabies vaccination expired. You will need to have your pup vaccinated with a one year rabies vaccine wait for 21 days before traveling if this is the case.