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Dog from Italy to Australia

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  • Dog from Italy to Australia

    My Italian whippet is microchipped with vaccinations all up to date. Does anyone have any experience in bringing a dog from Florence, Italy to Sydney, Australia? Because of the strict quarantine regulations is it better to use an agent? What airlines and route would be most suitable. It's a long haul flight in any direction. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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    Re: Dog from Italy to Australia

    Hello Casawhippet - because your Whippet will be subject to 10 days of quarantine when entering Australia, it must fly into Melbourne as air cargo. The requirements will take 6 months to complete unless your Whippet has had a rabies titer test in the past 2 years. (Australia is a rabies-free island and there are many requirements for dogs and cats.) You can find requirements here: When it is time to go, you may want to fly out of Rome to avoid additional stops. Alitalia may be able to assist you. You would need to contact their cargo department.


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      hi, I flew to Australia with a dog, so yes it is possible. By the way, on the registration, you need a postcode so do not forget to write it. I didnít know it back then and got stuck. By the way, what pet do you have?)