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US Embassy stamp on vet certificates and translation of docs

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  • US Embassy stamp on vet certificates and translation of docs

    Hi - I am moving in one week with my two cats from Bolivia, S.A. to Canada - via Miami. I have 2 questions:

    1. I was recently told by the airline I'm flying with (Aerosur from Bolivia) that I need to have my cat's veterinary certificate "legalized" by the American Embassy in my country.

    I asked my vet, who has sent many animals to the US with this same airline, and he had never heard of this. I also can't find any information about this on the CDC website or other US government websites.

    I called the contact person that the airline gave me and she said she charges $30.00 US just for the consultation about doing this process. I asked if it was mandatory that the certificates get this stamp and she avoided the response, telling me to come in for a consultation.

    Is this just a scam between the airline and this woman to get us to pay money for a useless stamp? (Corruption like this is common place here, unfortunately) Is this something I should worry about?

    2. The vet's certificates will be in Spanish - should I have them translated into English by a regulated translator (e.g. someone who does government documents) or can I translate them myself?

    Thank you so much in advance,


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    Re: US Embassy stamp on vet certificates and translation of docs

    The US does not require consulate legalization of the veterinary certificate. However, Bolivia is a screwworm infected country so the veterinary certificate must contain a statement that the pet has been inspected by a veterinarian and is free of screwworm. Otherwise your pet might be quarantined at time of entry. The veterinary certificate must be in English. If you need the complete instructions and the US veterinary health certificate go to [url][/url] and then click on Pet Passports and scroll down to the United States. We can email the documents to you.