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Pets in cabin: Big problem arised after a month purchasing ticket

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  • Pets in cabin: Big problem arised after a month purchasing ticket

    Hello to everyone! It is my first post ever on here.
    Me and my husband had, for work porpoises, relocated permantely to Japan. We left our beloved cats in Italy for some months for avoiding 180 days of quarantine in Tokyo. Now it finally came the big day! I am flying back to Italy in a week and will bring them back here at the end of this month. Since the process of importing pets in Japan is veeery long, with a lot of steps to take, we started our process in February. During all this time they have always weight the same, 7.8 kg the male (a Maine Coon) and 6 kg the other one (a Maine Coon cross breed). Now what happened: after nearly a year of declaring weight on papers and airlines, we booked our flight with Lufthansa 40 days ago and they made us a ticket for in cabin. They said their weight was ok, and keeping in mind that we will not feed them before the travel (5 hours of cars until the airport) and some light food before the journey, I've thought we were ok with everything. The lady who fed them even confirmed, by the time we purchased the ticket, that the weight was the same as always. And so what, then? I started to finally research this week for a soft pet carrier, thinking it would only weight 400 grams or something (it will be my first soft carrier ever). How wrong I was!!!!! The lightest I found it is called Sturdibag and it is L size is 1.41 kg and the XL one 1.81 kg!!!! To add some more panick on it, 2 days ago I called again the lady who is the foster to weight them again and.... surprise surprise!!!!!! They have gained weight this month!!! Now one cat in 8.9 kg!!!!, and the other one 7.7 kg!!!!! I am DESPERATE. When I asked her the reason, she told that* (and without our consent!) she changed the diet of the cats (very expensive and quality food that we were ordering online to send to her) in favour of supermarket cheap food because, she said, they seemed to like it more!!! I've called the vet and he told me that it would be impossible for the cats to loose 1.5 kg or even 1 kg in only 2 weeks (they could encounter life danger), the max we could take them down to is 500 gr only. I am also desperate because right now I am still in Tokyo and the situation in not under my control with foster doing what she likes.
    The flight with the cats in only in two weeks time, and there are more problems as well: to import pets in Japan you need to contact quarantine service not less than 40 days in advance, if you miss that flight you will need to rebook everything again and wait again. I cannot loose that flight!! Another problem: one cat is particularly sensible in certain situations... one year ago, we send the other cat (actually his father) to a cattery for a week, and his son, this little cat, stopped to eat, drink, went into depression so fast that only after 24 hours that the two were separate, was hospitalized for days and the vets gave him valium!! They told us he was letting himself die from sadness!!! (I have never ever heard something like this before!) when they dismissed him and he found the other cat at home, he started to be happy again. Sorry for the long story, but this is to say that there's a really a HIGH rate that this cat WILL DIE IN HOLD*for stress on such a long flight (Rome to Tokyo!).*
    So... sorry for thr long post but..... what can I do now? I was thinking of a letter of the vet explaing this, attaching documents of hospitalization of last year plus maybe another letter from that clinc (this happened in England).
    Any advice? will LH close an eye? Cats can fit in the approved carrier but I cannot let them die from diet or as checked baggage, I don't know what to do I am so sad!

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    Re: Pets in cabin: Big problem arised after a month purchasing ticket

    oct8n - were you planning to fly with both cats in the cabin or were you traveling with someone?

    It is very difficult to say what the agent will do at the time of check-in. You can take the cats to the airport ahead of time and speak to a supervisor. You are only .9kg over the limit on the one cat. The other one should be within limits.