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Indian puppy to uk

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  • Indian puppy to uk

    Ok I'm a mad tourist. Now I have friends in uk sorting things out in the uk .
    But I need to know what airlines travel to the uk and what the average cost India to uk
    I have no experience in this and have 6 weeks to sort it out.
    I know it will be needing rabis vaccinations etc that I can do here in India.
    It's mainly the airline and coatings apporxametly I just need to get a feel of coatings
    Any help would be good 😊

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    Re: Indian puppy to uk

    Tanhillinn - does your cat or dog have a rabies titer test? If not, it will take 4 months to prepare to avoid quarantine. Regulations here and the UK is super strict about letting animals in: KLM may be an option for you as they have one stop in AMS. British Airways will require an agent book the transport. Your pet must travel as air cargo so you need to contact the cargo department.


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      Re: Indian puppy to uk

      A puppy is a juvenile dog. Some puppies can weigh 1–3 lb (0.45–1.36 kg), while larger ones can weigh up to 15–23 lb (6.8–10.4 kg). All healthy puppies grow quickly after birth. A puppy's coat color may change as the puppy grows older, as is commonly seen in breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier. In vernacular English, puppy refers specifically to dogs, while pup may often be used for other mammals such as seals, giraffes, guinea pigs, or even rats.