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My last pet travel to Thailand

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  • My last pet travel to Thailand

    Hello Community!
    I am glad to have found this community where I can share with others my experiences about my pet travels.
    Last Winter I spend three months in Thailand and because I didn't want to let my dog alone at home I decided to take it with me. Its a small dog so I was able to have him with me in the cabin. I made with him I sight seeing trip from the north to the south where he was that excited that he was always very groggy at the end each day but it was a very nice trip.
    And at the end I spend 2 weeks relaxing in a hotel so my dog was also able to relax.

    best wishes Marianne

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    Re: My last pet travel to Thailand

    Hello Marianne!
    A Thailand travel with your dog. I wouldn't have the courage doing this, I guess I would fail on the quarantine. But Thailand is a realy very nice place especially at winter.
    Have you tried the private speedboat Phuket tours, offered by Club Champagne Phuket, as you take your rest from the trip at Phuket?

    good wishes Karin