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Cycling around the world with Dog

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  • Cycling around the world with Dog

    Dear Pet Travelers,

    This is our first post in this group so we would like to quickly introduce ourselves.
    We are Gijs & Annebeth, and together with our Dachshund ‘’Huub’’ we are currently based in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

    In March/April 2018 we will be trading in our home for our trusty bicycles and we will start our World Trip. Together with our dog we try to do this journey only by Bicycle and our goal is to cycle all the way from The Netherlands to New Zealand (25000+ kilometres).
    We would love to get in contact with other fellows travelers who have done or are doing similar activities.

    Our planning is to cycle and camp as much as we can to keep the budget as low as possible. Our budget is roughly €50 p/d (calculated everything in). We don’t have an end date since we’re open for any adventure/job/activity which will come on our path.

    We also started our own blog which is named: Green Travel Guru. Since Tourism is going to every part of the world these days, not only cultures but also the environment is suffering because of this. With our blog we want to create more awareness and inspire people on how to travel more respectful & sustainable. If you are interested in following our journeys have a look on:

    Overview of our currently planned route:
    Europe > Russia > Mongolia > China > Indonesia > Neww Zeeland

    Countries we would like to visit during this trip are:
    Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Kazachstan, Japan, Nepal, South-Korea, Tibet Australia

    The most important part of our journey will be our dog. Although we have experience in traveling with Huub by doing several hiking/biking trips in foreign countries. Our world trip will be a bigger challenge for us and also Huub. Because of that we will do everything at a slow pace so he can adapt himself to everything.

    Since Huub is joining us we have some questions on traveling with our dog;

    Difficulties in specific countries:
    Countries which are totally not comfortable/enjoyable for a dog

    Our route:
    Has anyone done this route before with their pet?

    How did you take care of the border security
    -Blood tests
    -Health Declaration
    -Taking your dog to Islands like Australia, New Zealand & Japan

    Costs and bureaucracy at borders take a lot of time, we would like to know if there are any tips/tricks to make this border controls as easy and less stressful as possible for our dog.

    Do you know anyone who took their dog on similar trips? We would like to get in contact. Our mail address is:
    Tips on the route, visa, camping or anything else are also welcome.

    Safe travels and thank you very much!
    Best regards,

    Gijs, Annebeth & Huub

    You can follow our journey at:

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    Re: Cycling around the world with Dog

    What an adventure that you have planned! It will be a challenge importing Huub, especially to Japan, New Zealand and Australia. You must enter the last 2 countries from an approved country (which few in the Far East are). You will need to prepare carefully and far in advance to enter all 3 countries. As you have planned to enter the 3 most difficult countries last, you may want to consider reversing your itinerary as the Netherlands is approved for direct import to Australia and New Zealand. It will take 6 months minimum to prepare to enter Australia.

    You can find requirements to import your dog to all the countries you plan to visit here:


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      Re: Cycling around the world with Dog

      What a wonderful place. Climate change affects the tribal people the most. You can read more about it here: It's something to keep in mind.


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        Re: Cycling around the world with Dog

        How did your dog do on the trip?