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  • UK to USA


    I am looking for information with regards to traveling from the UK to Florida with my Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

    I have been looking online but have found a lot of conflicting information so i am hoping i might find clarity here.

    Firstly does anyone have any experience traveling to the US with a SBT as i know breed specific legislation is imposed in different states and most Airlines wouldn't accept my dog as cargo - so any advice/experiences will be appreciated.

    My Wifes family still live in Fort Lauderdale and know of people with Bull Breed types dogs but i have found conflicting information with regards to banned breeds - as i understand it Bull breeds are banned in Miami but not in Boward County (where we will be living) - Does this mean i will face issues if i wanted to fly into Miami Direct or would it be worth flying to an alternate airport?

    Furthermore i understand that there is only certain times in the year which you are able to travel with your dog due to the temperature. - do you know when this is?

    With my boy being a Staffy is there any additional information/documentation i need rather then the usual.

    This is a big move for me and i want to ensure i find the safest/most effective route of transport for my dog as i couldn't ever leave him behind.

    Thank you all in advance!!


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    Re: UK to USA

    Hello Oliver - Broward County has dangerous dog laws; however, they are not breed specific. You should not have problems flying into Miami with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier as long as you are not settling in Miami-Dade County, although there are many flights that terminate at FLL. Lufthansa will transport your Terrier if they fly your route. It may need to fly as air cargo.