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Cat travelling to Japan

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  • Cat travelling to Japan

    Hello everyone.

    First, I would like to thank you all for this awesome community.

    I will travel with my cat Priscilla to Japan in about 8 months.
    My question is about the 6 months quarantine period.

    I'm in Uruguay right now, and I intended to spend the 6 months quarantine period here.
    I just received the favorable titer test results (test taken in Uruguay), so she is good to travel.
    She have a 3 years rabies vaccine, which from what I've read here, japan recognizes as valid.

    I would like to know what happens if I move to another country (Brazil) for the remainder of the quarantine period.
    Do I need to get my cat tested again? Or do the quarantine period resets to zero? Or both?

    Thank you in advance.


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    Re: Cat travelling to Japan

    The requirements to enter Japan from either Uruguay or Brazil are the same. They are listed here: It should not matter if you get the test done in Uruguay, then move to Brazil; however, if your pet cannot enter Japan before the second rabies vaccination expires, then another rabies vaccination is administered and another titer test is performed; however, an additional 180 day waiting period is not required.


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      Re: Cat travelling to Japan

      Susan, thank you for your prompt answer.

      I have another question, if you don't mind:
      My cat had the first vaccine (after micro-chip) with a Live Virus (I asked the vet for recombinant or inactivated, she apparently ignored me, and I just found out when organizing paperwork and double checking), but the second vaccination (right after blood draw) was with an inactivated virus type vaccine.
      Will I have a problem with that?

      If yes, would my option be to administer a third vaccine (it's been 2 months since the second one) and re-test for antibodies?
      Or do you have another suggestion?

      I don't want to stress my cat's health with a boatload of vaccines. She is 10, and very healthy.



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        Re: Cat travelling to Japan

        According to their regulations, the rabies vaccines must be Inactivated (killed) virus vaccine or recombinant / modified vaccine We are not veterinarians and so the term "modified vaccine" is unclear. We would recommend revaccination and another titer test. Susan