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European Pet Passport question

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    Re: European Pet Passport question

    Janice - you do NOT need to get an APHIS form or an EU Health Certificate or anything endorsed by the USDA to return to Switzerland with a valid EU Pet Passport. Your question to Lufthansa is "does my pet need a current health certificate to travel on your airline?" If traveling as air cargo, it will, but likely not for in cabin or checked baggage. Know that, if they say YES, then the health certificate does NOT need to be endorsed by the USDA.

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  • Janice
    started a topic European Pet Passport question

    European Pet Passport question

    We lived in Switzerland and returned to the USA last year permanently. My cat was issued a EU pet passport for the return flight to the US. We are
    going back to Switzerland for a couple of months and is easier to take the cat with us than leave her. Do I have to undergo the APHIS health certificate, USDA stamp, etc. like I did when we moved to Europe? The EU pet passport indicates that her vaccine from last summer is valid for 3 years. My airline, Lufthansa, would not confirm on the phone that my pet passport is all that I needed. He would only state that it was my responsibility to provide accurate documents for my pet. So, I am confused. If my airline can't tell me what I need, how am I supposed to know what I need. The airline website indicate European PET Passport or EU Health certificate. What should I do? Even if I just use my Pet Passport, should I also get a Health clearance from my vet?