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Australia 180 day blood test workaround?

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  • Australia 180 day blood test workaround?

    I have a dog and we are emigrating to Australia in 3 months. Unfortunately, our vet thought that the rabies titer test was only needed 90 days before export. Turns out its 180 days!!!
    His vaccines are all up to date so no issue there.

    Essentially do you know of any way to get around this?
    Any questionable vets that would back date the results?
    Seriously desperate...

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    Re: Australia 180 day blood test workaround?

    Wish we could offer you a solution regarding a work around; however, Australia no longer offers quarantine for the balance of the 180 day titer test and any quarantine must be served in government facilities in Australia. You will need to arrange for kenneling or have friends or relatives care for your pup and send it over later when it conforms to regulations. Australia is super strict and will return your pet to the originating city if requirements are not met.