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LAX to Tokyo best airline for large dogs

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  • LAX to Tokyo best airline for large dogs

    My husband is stationed in Japan and we have two large dogs (65lb and 95lb) that I am considering sending out with us. I am wondering if anyone has advise on what airlines are good to use, if I should hold off to send them until the weather cools down again (even though the airlines say it is safe all year long), etc. One of my dogs is an excellentItalian Mastiff, has anyone flown an adult mastiff internationally? Some airlines have banned them from flying, I assume this is because they are at greater risk for overheating or maybe it's greater risk of breaking out...? United Airlines told me I'd need to get a metal crate for him that they wouldn't ship him in a plastic crate. Any advise on this would also be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: LAX to Tokyo best airline for large dogs

    Jsampson - always better to transport dogs and cats in the Fall or Spring if possible. The airlines will not transport pets when temperatures exceed 85 degrees. Your Mastiff should be carried in a metal crate due to its strength and ability to compromise the crate. If you need assistance in finding a metal crate that would accommodate your Mastiff, email and Jason will help you.