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US to Ecuador w/ PUGS

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  • US to Ecuador w/ PUGS

    Hola! We are looking for suggestions as to how to travel from the US to Ecuador with our two pugs. They are too large to fly in-cabin and there is no airline that will let us buy a seat for them. I can't fly them cargo or have them shipped.
    I am wondering if we've missed something? Are there pet friendly passenger ships? Is there a US to South America cargo ship option? Why is this so hard?
    Any suggestions? We are open to land, air or sea!

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    Re: US to Ecuador w/ PUGS

    Because Pugs are snub-nosed breeds, they are very hard to transport and should not travel in the cargo hold during the summer months. You can try Copa or Lantam if they fly the route. We do not know of any commercial vessel that can transport your Pug by sea. Maybe a private vessel.