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Travelling to New Zealand from Canada

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  • Travelling to New Zealand from Canada

    I have an emotional support animal (dog) and wish to travel on a non-stop flight from Vancouver to New Zealand. Will they allow this? Their website only mentions ESA's on flights to and from the USA.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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    Re: Travelling to New Zealand from Canada

    Karen - according to NZ requirements, assistance dogs must provide documentation to show that your dog has been trained and certified as an assistance dog by a recognized and accredited national or international organization. Examples of recognized and accredited assistance dog organizations can be found through Assistance Dogs International. Please note that a letter from a doctor or therapist is not sufficient evidence to meet this requirement.

    As to the transport of your ESA, many airlines are not participating in the ESA program on flights other than those originating or terminating in the US. We are not sure which airline you are referring to.


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      Re: Travelling to New Zealand from Canada

      Were you able to bring your ESA without quarantine into NZ?