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Sailing with a Cat through Indonesia to Malaysia

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    Re: Sailing with a Cat through Indonesia to Malaysia

    Hi Melanie - we have never sailed through the Islands of Indonesia but it sounds like a wonderful trip. As for import requirements, each country has its own regulations and Malaysia calls for quarantine. Indonesia is a bit tricky because there are high-rabies islands like Bali and rabies-free islands like Lombok, so you need to know this. As beautiful as Bali is, legally, its borders are closed to cats and dogs. Not sure about veterinary enforcement in harbors, however.

    You can find requirements to import your cat to many countries here:

    Any feedback you can provide during your trip would be so appreciated.

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  • Chase
    started a topic Sailing with a Cat through Indonesia to Malaysia

    Sailing with a Cat through Indonesia to Malaysia

    Dear fellow Travellers,

    I am about to sail from Australia through the Islands of Indonesia past Singapore to Malaysia with my cat.
    My cat always stays on the boat and never leaves to go onshore. He also has all his vaccinations and is microchipped.

    Has anyone of you ever sailed with a cat through Indonesia to Malaysia and can give me some advice? Does anyone know what is really required for sailing through?
    So far I have found out to sail through Indonesia and Malaysia I need all vaccinations, microchip, health certificate and rabies vaccination certificate. The rabies vaccination gives me some headache. At my last Vet visit I was told, I might not get a rabies vaccination for my cat, because I have no "Importaddress "since I'm a "Yacht in Transit". (Australia considers itself as rabies free and any rabies vaccination has to be ordered from the Government Department.) I talked to my cats vet about travelling with him, but she has no idea how to go about it. I tried finding online information about sailing overseas with a cat, but there seems not many people go sailing with their pets.

    Has anyone ever sailed with a pet and can describe the procedures to get it into or through different countries?
    I am thankful for any kind of information and advice.

    Thank you very much.