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How to import Rottweiler into France - how to qualify him as "guard dog"

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  • How to import Rottweiler into France - how to qualify him as "guard dog"

    I read that Rottweilers can be brought into France as "guard dogs". Is this the only way to import one? And how do I qualify him as a guard dog? Thank you. Urgent!

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    Re: How to import Rottweiler into France - how to qualify him as "guard dog"

    Here are the regulations to own a breed such as a Rottweiler in France (translated from French): 1 - to be registered in a book of origin (LOF)
    Genealogical book recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture (in practice, all
    Book recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale).
    And furnished with the documents attesting to the registration to the LOF.
    (Except for Rottweiller dogs classified in 2nd category, with or
    Without pedigree)
    2 - be identified,
    With a European pet passport
    Have a valid rabies vaccination
    Conditions of detention in France: The owner must
    3 - to answer the following conditions himself:
    • Be at least 18 years of age
    • not be under guardianship (unless authorized by the guardianship judge)
    • not have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment with
    Or without deferment for offense registered in bulletin n ° 2 of the criminal record
    (Equivalent document for foreign nationals)
    (Only an authorized French trainer can issue this certificate after a
    Training of at least 7 hours)
    5 - prove that the dog underwent a BEHAVIORAL EVALUATION
    (Only an authorized French veterinarian, registered on a prefectural list in a
    French Department for conducting behavioral assessments, may
    Issue this assessment)
    6 - to hold a SPECIFIC INSURANCE IN
    CIVIL LIABILITY for damage that the dog is
    Likely to cause in France
    7 - to keep his dog on a leash and muzzled on public roads, in
    Public places and public transport
    8 - Obtain, in the first municipality where he resides, a LICENSE
    DETENTION (Act of 20 June 2008):
    Declaring his dog to the town hall of his residence and presenting:
    • identification card
    • European passport with valid rabies vaccination
    • proof of liability insurance
    (See insurance companies)
    • Behavioral assessment of your dog
    • the certificate of qualification, if you do not hold the Certificate of Capacity
    • the owner's ID
    9 - to declare, after 3 months of actual stay in France, his dog in the file
    National Canin
    Dog only breed
    Dog of race Rottweiller
    Or Type Rottweiller
    These conditions make it difficult for short-term tourist stays of foreign nationals accompanied by these animals

    You may want to get additional information from the Ministry of Agriculture or the websites listed above before importing your dog.

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