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Relocating cat from UK to the Netherlands

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  • Relocating cat from UK to the Netherlands

    Hi, we will be moving from the UK to the Netherlands shortly with our cat. One of the requirements states that "The Netherlands does honor the 3 year rabies vaccination for dogs, cats and ferrets entering the country from outside of the EU. When entering The Netherlands from another EU Member State, annual rabies vaccinations maybe required" - Our cat has obtained rabies vaccinations in the past, but not annually - will this be a problem when reloacting her to the Netherlands? Many thanks!

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    Re: Relocating cat from UK to the Netherlands

    Likely not, Molly. We put that statement on the page because every EU Member State determines the type of rabies vaccination it will require. France requires the 1 year vaccine. All cats and dogs entering France from outside the EU with an EU health certificate are accepted, but we have heard some issues with pet owners from other EU Member States entering France and their pets have 3 year rabies vaccines.