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Pet travel to Paris from Mexico via Canada

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  • Pet travel to Paris from Mexico via Canada

    Hi - I want to import my dog from Mexico to Paris, however I want to do this via Montreal in Canada (for personal reasons - my ex partner is in Mexico with the dog, I am in London, and the plan is to meet in Montreal). Will the paperwork issued in Mexico for entry into France be valid if I am actually flying from Montreal? This would be within the 10 day window of the vet certificate being issued in Mexico.. Or would I have to have a new certificate reissued in Canada? Thanks!

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    Re: Pet travel to Paris from Mexico via Canada

    If the vet who completes the EU health certificate is in Mexico, the departure country is Mexico. The airlines that is flying your pet our of Montreal should honor the health certificate as long as it has not expired. You can confirm with them to be sure. Veterinary officials in France should not care because the regulations are the same both from Canada or Mexico.