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Small dog and cat from Slovakia to USA

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  • Small dog and cat from Slovakia to USA


    My wife is currently in the process of obtaining an immigrant visa to come to the US for residence. She is in Slovakia and has a pet cat and pet dog.

    They have up to date EU pet passports and health books....including up-to-date rabies shots.

    When the visa process is complete, we plan to fly into Chicago O'hare.

    Would you please advise on all necessary steps, permits, other requirements (federal and state) that are necessary to successfully import a dog and cat from Slovakia to Chicago, Illinois?

    I have been researching and all I could find is the need for a valid, rabies vaccination certificate. I would also like to get a health certificate just in case. Are there certain formats for the certificates?

    Would the EU passports with all shots and pills listed and up to date be sufficient for importation?

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    Re: Small dog and cat from Slovakia to USA

    Hello - yes, the US does accept the EU Pet Passport. State requirements involve proof of a rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior to entering the US and a health certificate issued within 30 days of travel. Your airline may ask that the health certificate be more current. Their policies vary. Ask your veterinarian for a rabies certificate for future reference.


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      Re: Small dog and cat from Slovakia to USA

      So would the EU Pet Passport fulfill the State requirements for proof of rabies vaccine and health certificate?


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        Re: Small dog and cat from Slovakia to USA

        As long as your vet has updated the rabies vaccination and health info in the EU Pet Passport before travel, that should be fine to enter the US. You may want to inquire to your airline if they require a separate health certificate.