Hi all,

I seek some advice.

I booked a ticket from Salt Lake City to Madrid - stopping in Phili for a few hours - all American Airlines.

I was advised that putting my cat under the seat with me would not be a problem......but since booking it now appears this is not allowed on trans-atlantic flights.

Ok - i can put her in the cargo hold - but i have seen in Phili they will not transfer her to the other plane if ground temperature is less than 45 degrees - the years average on the date i fly is 40 degrees.

Any ideas or advice? I land in Phili at 2pm - the warmest part of the day - how strict is this rule? Can a coat help her? What are my options?

Also - in Phili - once customer service person i need to get cat and bag, and re-checkin - this surely can't be true as it's the same airline - and the cat and bag will be treated as transfer product?

Meeow.....need to get to nature in Spain.