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Travelling from Vietnam to Canada with two puppies

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  • Travelling from Vietnam to Canada with two puppies

    Hello everyone,
    This is my first time taking my two puppies from Vietnam to Canada permanently
    I and my girlfriend are going together so could anyone help us from scratch to find out the way to take both of puppies to Canada?

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Travelling from Vietnam to Canada with two puppies

    Mark - if the puppies are under 3 months of age, they are technically not subject to Canada's regulations for the import of pets but should have a current health certificate in English or bi-lingual with English or French being one of the languages. Don't think it will be a problem to leave Cambodia, but you should check with veterinary officials there to be sure.

    As for the airline, find one that flies the entire route with few layovers. Most importantly, do not change airline companies along the route. Stay on the same airline as changing companies will likely cause your puppies to be subject to the import regulations of the layover country and many do not allow puppies that have not been vaccinated for rabies to enter the country. BTW, do not vaccinated your puppies before they are 3 months of age.