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Micro chipping for international pet travel

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  • Micro chipping for international pet travel

    I'm trying to take my now 2-month old kitten back to the U.S. with me from Mali, Africa. I think I've figured out all the paperwork and flight itineraries, but I came across an EU stipulation that, as far as I can tell, doesn't apply to U.S. pet immigration: micro chipping is required for EU countries. If I'm merely traveling through France on my way (and it is an Air France flight), does this mean I still need to get Oliver a micro chip? I only hesitate because I doubt the abilities of vets in Mali and don't want to end up hurting him!
    Also, I may go with an itinerary with a layover in Paris for 19 hours and choose to stay at a hotel. Even if the answer is no above, does leaving the airport mean I'll have to meet the micro chip requirements?
    Thanks so much for help, love that this website exists!!!

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    Re: Micro chipping for international pet travel

    If your pet is traveling as checked baggage into France and out of France to the US on Air France then no paperwork is required. Air France will transfer the pet from one flight to the next. If you decide to stay over in Paris then you will have gone through customs and must adhere to the French Rules. Which are microchipping with the ISO 15 digit microchip, Rabies Vaccination and blood titer test 3 months in advance of travel.

    You should also be aware that Mali is a country infected with screwworm. Before you leave Mali your pet must be inspected and found free of screwworm. This is a US regulation.

    If you need the complete rules and all of the necessary forms for either France or the US go to [url][/url] and then click on Pet Passports - Immigration Info. We can email everything to you.