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Can cats escape?

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  • Can cats escape?

    I have two cats that I am thinking of taking with me when i move to the U.S.
    If I check them in as checked luggage, is there any possibility of them escaping? One of my cats
    is quite resourcesful and has managed to pry open locked doors in our house. I am probably being overly anxious but this is the first time for me to experience traveling with cats in tow. I suppose the other option is taking them with me in the cabin, but then I am afraid that he might yowl throughout the flight! Any advice/ info from those who have experienced international travel with pets will be appreciated. Thanx!


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    Re: Can cats escape?

    Although IATA regulations say that crates used for cargo and checked baggage must have spring lock doors, best to use ties on each corner of the door just to be sure.