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Moving to Bermuda from Canada, bring dog and cat

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  • Moving to Bermuda from Canada, bring dog and cat

    Hi everyone,
    I have a job offer in Bermuda and want to bring my dog and cat with me. I've looked into import regulations and have a general understanding, but I was wondering if anyone could share their personal experience bringing their pets into Bermuda and any tips, recommendations they could offer. One thing that concerns me is the two rabies vaccinations one at 3 months or at date of acquiring then a booster 6-12 months after. My dog is a rescue, and her vaccinations have always been up to date but she's always had the 3 year rabies vaccine, so I'm not sure when/if she got her first rabies and then a booster at 6-12 months in her history before I owned her.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I am excited to travel but it's very important I get everything I need ready for my critters to come with me.
    Thank you~!
    - Lauren

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    Re: Moving to Bermuda from Canada, bring dog and cat

    Lauren - when you enter Bermuda, your dog and cat must have a rabies certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian documenting your pet's rabies vaccinations. Bermuda's regulations state that they do accept the 3 year rabies vaccination as long as it was administered within 12 months of entering the country. If you cannot document that their previous vaccination was administered between 6 and 12 months of their current vaccination, then you need to get them revaccinated no sooner than 6 months and no later than 12 months of the date of their current rabies vaccination. And you need to wait at least 30 days after the second vaccination to enter Bermuda.