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Teacup Yorkie moving from Shanghai to Hong Kong

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  • Teacup Yorkie moving from Shanghai to Hong Kong

    Hello PetTravel, although the distance may be short, it seems that Hong Kong won't let dogs in from China without a minimum of four months quarantine. We are willing to route via anywhere else to avoid this - do you have any suggestions? A couple of friends have flown their dogs on board as ESAs to the US. Can we do this then turn around and exit immediately or are there other vaccinations requires one we land there? Is Taiwan an option? Anything would be better than a four month kennel stay. I am very scared right now. Thanks so much for any advice you may have!

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    Re: Teacup Yorkie moving from Shanghai to Hong Kong

    Wifi - you must also have a special permit to enter HK from China with your pet as we understand. As for traveling to the US, then traveling to China, technically, your pet must reside in the US for 6 months prior to traveling to HK to qualify as a US resident. If your passport was not from the US, then likely you will need to provide proof of this. Taiwan is not an option as 21 days of quarantine will be required when entering from China. You may want to contact an agent who serves Hong Kong to see if there is a way to do this. Try Search for an agent by airport.