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Going to Mongolia, Quarantine in China

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  • Going to Mongolia, Quarantine in China

    I have been stressing out about how to get my big puppy from Los Angeles to Mongolia for the past 2 months.
    I will be taking him with me on the plane in the cargo section, but the major concern is that I will be going through Beijing.
    Most of the things on the internet and people have been saying that even if we are not entering China, there will be a 30 day quarantine no matter what. But then I have heard of some people who have brought their dogs to Mongolia, without getting quarantined.
    Will there be a quarantine?
    If so, I do not want to torture him like that, and would rather leave him in the States.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Going to Mongolia, Quarantine in China

    Enkhi - according to China's regulations, all pets entering China through Shanghai or Beijing will be quarantined. Guangzhou is still a quarantine-free zone (we hear) although they are in the process of building a quarantine facility. Others import their pets through Hong Kong. These alternatives require fluency in the language and understanding of local procedures. If you cannot afford an agent to assist you, then try doing some research online about others who have entered China this way.