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Relocation to Phuket from the UK

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  • Relocation to Phuket from the UK

    As I am so attached to my cat and can't find a suitable home for him here in the UK, I am looking at the possibility of taking him back with me to Phuket (I brought him here 3 years ago from Thailand and now we have to relocate for 2-3 years before coming back here again to retire). The information I have read says he will have to have quarantine of upto 30 days when he arrives. Is this the case even with the correct paperwork? If I arrive into BKK and need to travel through to Phuket, does he have to stay in BKK? I can't decide if I am being cruel taking him and bringing him back in 2-3 years again but I just can't find anyone I trust to have him and I will miss him so much Any thoughts or help greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Relocation to Phuket from the UK

    Phuketlady - there should be no reason for quarantine at BKK as long as these requirements are met: Your cat can arrive in the cabin (if your airline pet policies permit it) or as checked baggage. Stay on the same airline for the entire flight.